Dedicated IB Portal Launched

Axiance IB Portal ImprovedAt Axiance we believe that technology is the future, and we are invested in creating user-friendly portals that allow users to get the information they need easily, quickly and efficiently.

Improved IB Portal

Our new IB Portal presents a set of innovative features that allow our partners to gain access to marketing materials to promote their business and get insights into their clients’ journeys. We have also ensured that the IB Portal is fully secure with additional security checks and we have included fun features like a dark mode option.

The portal is designed to help our partners maximize their reach and improve their overall business performance. Apart from offering multilingual support, our new IB Portal allows our partners to gain access to their success manager and discuss commission structures and customized deals for their business.

We have also equipped our I-B Portal with a wide array of multilingual marketing materials such as banners, logos, videos and various promotions. Also, for IBs interested in furthering their education or providing some additional support to their clients, we have also partnered with Trading Central and offer some of the best trading tools available in the industry.

Check Our IB Portal Analysis Section

What is perhaps the most impressive feature of our new IB Portal is the Analytics section where you can find performance charts combined with intuitive reports which offer a detailed view of your commissions and your clients. More specifically, you can see information about your clients, their transactions and trading. You can also see your clients’ campaigns and payouts and you can also set custom email alerts so you can get notified whenever your client deposit or withdraw funds or when there are payouts.


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