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Greatest IPOs of 2021, and What Companies You Should Add to Your 2022 IPO Watchlist

The global IPO lineup of 2021 has exceeded the previous year in both quantity and capital raised. In fact, by the end of the third quarter, the IPOs of 2021 had amassed a whopping $330.7 billion.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that 2021 saw the debut of some of the largest global companies shaping our future. Among these market disruptors, you can find the likes of Bumble, Coursera, Airbnb, Roblox, Robinhood, GitLab, and many more.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the greatest IPOs of 2021.

NerdWallet (NRDS) Listing

This San Francisco-based fintech company has been around for over 10 years, educating its clients about finances, mortgages, and student loans. It started trading on NASDAQ in November 2021, under the ticker symbol NRDS.

The ‘unicorn’ company has affiliate commissions to thank for its revenue, which reportedly stood at $181.6 million earlier in June. The company agreed on a stock price was of $18 per share for the IPO but has since slightly dropped to $16.18 (at the time of writing). (MNDY) IPO

This is a Tel Aviv-based work management software designed to improve a company’s organizational agility while keeping the interface super simple. First launched in 2012, the company rang the NASDAQ bell for the first time in June 2021.

Servicing over 127,000 customers across the globe and continuously pushing forward, shows no signs of relenting. Their IPO raised a staggering $780 million, with each share priced at $173.5. One share of MNDY is currently valued at $307.94 (at the time of writing).

Udemy (UDMY) Public Debut

As an online education platform in 2021, this Silicon Valley-based company is competing against many similar businesses for a piece of the market share. Despite this, the company’s numbers solidify its position as a fast-growing company.

In 2021, the company reported that it services over 46 million learners across the globe. Udemy went public in October 2021, under the ticker symbol (UDMY). The share price for the IPO was listed at $29, with the current price per share standing at $21.11 (at the time of writing).

The Surprising 2022 IPO Watchlist

Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company, language learning app Duolingo, and crypto exchange Coinbase also made the above list. But if the 2021 IPO lineup is so impressive, it begs the question- what companies will make it on the 2022 IPO Watchlist?

In this ever-changing world, where next-generation hypes like the NFTs and metaverses are taking a foothold, you’d think the 2022 IPO lineup would be surreal (pun intended!). But the 2022 IPO watchlist surprisingly has a lot more veterans than one would expect.

Besides companies like Boston Dynamics which makes robots and develops software to simulate human behaviour, and Starlink which is Elon Musk’s business that facilitates satellite communications, the lineup mostly consists of long-term players. These include:

Lamborghini IPO

Founded in 1963, Lamborghini is an expensive sportscar manufacturer that also makes engines for sea vessels. It is currently under the Audi umbrella, which itself is a part of the Volkswagen group. However, the IPO is expected to give the carmaker a lot more independence.

Reportedly, Bloomberg analysts estimate Lamborghini’s value to be at roughly $11 billion. But the company has yet to confirm or deny the rumours about the potential upcoming IPO.


Although Reddit has been around since 2005, the website recently gained a lot more exposure during the meme stock frenzy that started with the subreddit WallStreetBets. Since then, the online bulletin and message board platform has reported having over 10 million subscribers.

The company’s revenue comes primarily from advertising and premium subscriptions. Reportedly, the company recently received a valuation of $10 billion in a round of private equity funding but will be seeking a valuation of roughly $15 billion for its IPO.


Once a startup backed by Google and Amazon, DatabrIcks is now worth roughly $28 billion. The company specializes in developing software that crunches large amounts of data quickly. Databricks founders are the same people who developed the well-known Apache Spark framework.

Reportedly, the company, which is on its pace to generate around $1 billion in 2022 revenue, was recently valued at $38 billion. The IPO of their competitor, Snowflake, went into the records as one of the biggest software IPOs in history. That could be perceived as a vote of confidence for Databricks.

Other companies that made the 2022 IPO Watchlist include the telecommunications giant Orange, VoIP communications giant Discord, craft brewery BrewDog, and food delivery service Postmates.

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