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Introduction of Market Buzz and Economic calendar

Committed to our mission of advancing our technology and offering our clients more tools to aid their trading, we are excited to be presenting the newest additions to our trading tools suite.

Market Buzz and Economic Calendar have been both designed with the user in mind and they offer a bird’s eye view of what is happening in the global markets.

More specifically, Market Buzz is an all-innovative AI newsdesk that provides a concise and accurate view of the instruments trending. Market Buzz is fully customizable allowing clients to select the time frame, country and industries they are interested in to see the instruments that the markets are buzzing about. It collects its data from more than 2500 news publications, blogs and social media channels and it covers more than 30000 instruments.

Our Economic Calendar is a great starting point for research as it offers real-time actionable macro-economic data. It allows traders to easily anticipate market volatility and covers economic events in 38 countries. Our Economic Calendar also allows traders to easily view historical events and how the forecast performed against the actual prices enabling traders to understand historical trends.

Both Market Buzz and Economic Calendar are available to all Axiance clients free of charge within their Client Area, under the dedicated Trading Tools section.


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