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Olympian Cyclist Antri Christophorou Becomes Axiance Brand Ambassador

June 17, 2021 – Limassol, Cyprus –  Axiance, the new Cyprus-based online trading brand is partnering up with Tokyo-bound pro-cyclist Antri Christoforou to promote its product offering and the values the brand stands for. 

It was stated earlier that Axiance is coming this summer as a new brand of the ICC Group, with a new CEO, high standards and green ambitions with a gradual phasing out of the Group’s old brand, EverFX. 

Antri Christoforou is a Cypriot professional cyclist with many accolades and experience at the highest levels of competition since 2014 and the 2016 Rio Olympics notch on her belt. This year, Antri will be representing Cyprus in the Tokyo Olympics in August.  

She broke the news in an Instagram post last night, featuring moments from the filming of promotional videos and marketing content, while also enjoying the pine forests and mountain air of Cyprus: 

“From road cycling to 5am shooting in the woods! Stay tuned for the #launchvideo, everybody! @axiance_official is coming!” 

As a new player on the block, Axiance aims to stand out on all levels, including the approach to publicity and PR. 

“We are thrilled to partner with a brand ambassador who shares our vision and our ethos. It’s important for us to stand behind a local athlete who puts in so much hard work and dedication and we look forward to supporting her in the Olympics. Axiance will amplify this partnership to build its brand while sharing stories with impact and messages that strike a chord with anyone around the world”, explained Axiance CMO Sofia Mashovets. 

 “It is time for the online trading industry to go beyond compliance and tread lighter in social and environmental terms. Our core values are transparency and sustainability, which is something our brand ambassador Antri reflects through her commitment to sport as a professional and to the environment as a human being and this will underpin all our strategies going forward,” said ICC Group CEO Panikos Teklos. 

The broker will strengthen its drive towards institutional trading with the addition of new asset classes and tech upgrades in a shift away from the CFD market, aiming to offer a diversified product range while expanding its markets through additional licenses with Dubai DIFC first in line.  

The new strategy also encapsulates a change in mentality, with the necessary means and a clear will to take its marks in responsible finance and accelerate ESG integration at both service and operational levels, catering to a new breed of selective and conscious investors. 

Axiance is already actively engaged in global and local eco-initiatives and CSR projects such as the Positive Workforce Initiative carbon offsetting and more exciting initiatives ahead this year. 

About Axiance

Axiance is a multi-asset brokerage firm dedicated to ethical trading practices, with a mission to make socially responsible investing accessible to retail and institutional clients. 

Its dedicated people and growing team of experts share their skills and resources to deliver top-tier trading technology and a rich pool of asset classes, ensuring a world-class trading experience in full safety and transparency. Axiance is set to launch in summer 2021.  


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