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Stocks to Watch in 2022

Globally, the American (S & P500, Nasdaq), Asian and European stocks markets have all experienced historic highs this year.

The American markets have largely returned to the valuation levels known on the eve of the 1929 crisis, while Japanese markets have reached their record level of 1990 which preceded the “crash” of its economy.

After a roller-coaster year for equity markets, 2022 is predicted to bring more thrills. Without further ado, here are the stocks you should keep watching in the next quarter:

Samsung Stock:

Number 1 in the DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) market and market maker for smartphones, with a 23% share of the overall market.

Qualcomm Stock:

Market leader for cellular baseband technology or 5G bandwidths. It is a critical technology for the use of 5G networks. In addition, the company is heavily invested in the technology of the “Internet of Things”, an important mega-trend.

Volkswagen Stock:

The car company is worth around 120 billion euros. Recently, VW has invested heavily in battery factories, set up a software centre and put emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI), not to mention the appealing range of electric cars of its subsidiary Audi.

ASML Stock:

Dutch company ASML is the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of lithographic systems for the semiconductor industry. It is also the only manufacturer of the latest generation of the most accurate chip-making machines that use extreme ultraviolet light (EUV). By 2025, ASML predicts that 3/4 of its revenue will come from EUVs.

All the major semiconductor manufacturers (Intel, Samsung, TSMC, etc.) are its customers. Structural themes (big data, autonomous vehicles, cloud computing, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, etc.) will support demand for semiconductors, even if the market is temporarily facing a shortage.

Microsoft Stock:

The very profitable Windows operating system remains dominant in the PC market. But Microsoft also has other very interesting projects such as Azure (which is one of the 3 world leaders in the cloud), SQL Server software, Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics or the gaming sector (Xbox).

So where does that leave you? Thinking of the next steps in your investment strategy?

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