Keeping our CSR determination strong – Our donation to MANA

Mana receives donation from Axiance

At Axiance, our sense of community is strong. We are interested in positively impacting the communities we interact with, but more importantly, we are interested in becoming a beacon of hope for everyone.

We recently introduced a new concept at our offices, the ‘Box of Happiness’ where our team can add donations. Research suggests that there is a link between donating and brain activity which registers as pleasure. The knowledge that you are helping others is hugely empowering and, in turn, can make you feel happier and more fulfilled.

Our ‘Box of Happiness’ is an initiative that will run throughout the year and is designed to benefit a number of different charities and organizations. The company has committed itself to match the final amount raised by our team.

The first organization on our list to receive our funds was MANA. MANA is a non-profit organization operating in Cyprus for more than 89 years whose primary purpose is to protect and care for working mothers and children in need. MANA has even founded a kindergarten to ensure that children in need will receive the love they deserve.


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